About Me

At my heaviest. May 2010 (excuse the beer, it was a 21st bday)
I a SENIOR in college who has always been somewhat athletic. When I was younger I was involved in a couple years of gymnastics (though I didn't like it much) and spent 4 years through middle school and my freshman year of high school in competitive high kick danceline. I will willingly admit that last semester I gained a lot (don't know to be exact since I don't weigh myself) of weight after my 21st birthday!Well to sum it up I had a terrible semester because of the work load and all the stress that comes with it. You know how it goes after you're finally bar legal: too much socializing not enough exercising, late nights, and food that isn't anywhere near nutritious! 

This summer I was staying in my college town and decided enough was enough.  I would shy away from pictures or if I happened to be in them I insisted on taking them from the chest up. My jeans and clothes were getting tight which made me wear sweats and t-shirts pretty much everyday. I needed to change something in my life by embracing a healthier more active me.

I started walking everyday after work. When I started I would go for an hour (or as much time as I had) and it would be my alone time in order to think and energize myself. I had always said that I wanted to do a 5k even though I would consider myself a "non-runner." I always had talked to my now running buddy (she was also my work buddy) about my daily walks and one day in August she asked if I would like to start training for one. Having someone initiate that idea was what I needed to make it a commitment because I would have never done this on my own!

My first 5k is on Saturday December 4 in Minneapolis! So here I am, trying to live a healthier more active lifestyle!