Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another let down

So after going home this past weekend for Easter (which was a much needed break), no running or really healthy eating happened!

I haven't been feeling well lately, I've had stomach issues and digestion problems. Plus the weather has decided to be confused (one day it's sunny and warm then the next day is cold and snowy/rainy).

I promise, promise, promise that running and healthy eating will continue once I figure out these "problems" going on!!

In the mean time I'll be keeping up with all your journeys!


  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling so well!! :[
    Feel better soon, sucks to have crappy weather too, but summer is almost here! :}

  2. Uh oh! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  3. Yuck! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. It's just a little bump. I bet you'll feel back to normal very soon!

  5. I hope that you can get better and you return to running. Our friends at price per head also wish the same.

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