Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a joke!

I feel like such a joke right now!
I met up with some of my Lutheran Campus Ministry friends for a spiritual run on Saturday that we had planned a few weeks ago! Two of the girls were joking about how they were going to be in the back of the pack...well let me just tell you I was the only one in the "back of the pack"!

So much so, that only about 10 minutes into the run, all 7 other runners were WAY ahead of me! I'm used to just a nice easy jog starting out...but they took off like speedsters...almost like they were trying to keep up with the marathoner leader (he's currently training for a marathon)! Even if I had put all my effort into running, I don't think I would have caught up with them! I couldn't keep up so I went back to the starting point and "went to the bathroom" or at least that was the excuse I told everyone when they got back 20 minutes later! 

I'm disappointed in myself...
I feel embarrassed...
I'm mad at myself...

Here's a picture of how I felt after the run:


  1. Keep your head up!!! Give yourself the credit you went out there!

  2. awww! Hugs. Its so hard when you're the only not speedy one in the group. Its now another day and just take the lesson you learnt and try to not let this bug you too much. You're still new to this. Speed will come.

  3. Ahh, we all have bad days. Even those hardcore marathon runners. :) I am a noob to your blog, and I'm liking it! I love finding fellow runner/bloggers. A word of advice; Don't compare yourself to others, because you will always find yourself disappointed. It's true. No matter how hard or long you train there will always be at least one person that can do it just a little better than you can. I know it's really hard. I struggle with the same thing. Compare yourself to...yourself. Make goals, and focus on YOUR progress. Don't worry about speed. Hope that helps!!

  4. you haven't blogged since you wrote this and i hope things have turned around since then :) everyone has off days and some days are just not meant for a run - dont sweat it just put all your emotion and effort into your next run...hope things are going well!

  5. I really felt for you after this post because these times really are no fun. I hope things are better and you're back to running (and posting) soon.