Monday, March 7, 2011

MOA aka Miles of America

  If you read my last post, you know I was headed to Mall of America for a full 12 hours on Saturday! Let me just tell you I felt like I had walked Miles Of America! Each floor measures about a mile so my friends and I probably got in a few good miles walking back and forth to different stores!
Looking down on the Rotunda!
My college was offering a free coach bus to the mall which is about an hour or so away...but it was an early morning for us all. We had to be at the bus at 10:15, so sleeping in like we're used to wasn't possible.
When we got there we it was noon and we were all starving. We ended up going to Hooter's (unfortunately) since my roomate Shayna had never been there. I got the "All the Way Dog" which was pretty much a hot dog with chili and cheese piled on top along with curly fries (sorry for no picture). It definitely wasn't worth the $5.99 and the service was horrible! I mean just a side of plain curly fries was $2.99 and they weren't even seasoned! I should have known, especially since they even describe themselves as “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined."
Missy and Lauryn creeping on Shayna and I
After lunch we sort of went our own ways. Shayna wanted to go to Marshalls and we were headed a wine place. But we were distracted by him:
Julie, Me, Shrimp, Lauryn, Missy
We couldn't pass up a free wine tasting (my parents would be so proud). It wasn't my top pick of activities to do after eating a huge meal, but I was PERSUADED when these cute little bottles greeted me once I walked in the door:
Took this picture for my roommate Shayna (she loves cats)
The cool thing about this wine tasting is that they didn't even ask for our IDs. I guess when you're 22 you just get used to whipping out your ID, especially for me since I've been mistaken for a 15 year old. We sampled 3 types of wine: a desert wine from France, a dry red, and a white wine.

The dessert wine definitely won my vote. My family and I are used to drinking the sweeter wines, so the dry red and last white wine were not my cup of tea wine.
The dessert wine=winner
After the wine tasting we walked ALL OVER THE MALL. Literally we walked the whole 2nd and 3rd floor along with walking up the escalators. Oh and dodging the MASS AMOUNTS OF PEOPLE. I'm from MN so I know best not to go there on a Saturday because of the crowds!!  Especially when there's a Pokemon gaming tour going on.
Kids just taking turns gaming
We saw sooo many people dressed up as characters
After fighting crowds and gawking at the Pokemon people we hit some retail stores, mostly so my roommates could shop! I love just going with people to be a fashion consultant or they refer to me as their personal assistant since I'm always helping them carry stuff.
Just "catting" around in H&M
Miss matchin like a fool! Such ugly pants!
 I took a lot of sitting breaks! Walking around was making me tired and hot, so I stopped at a Starbucks (remembering I had gotten a gift card for Xmas)
Breaking with my roomie Missy! It was MUCH needed!
A much needed Venti Light Carmel Frappuccino
Wide awake after that Venti
 Soon after this we decided to hit up a place called the Burger Bar for Happy Hour. I decided against getting anything since I was saving my money for dinner! The service was kinda slow too at Burger Bar and we were rushing to get to Cantina #1 for our dinner reservations!

Cantina #1 had very high expectations since we were all craving Mexican! The first 2 bowl of tortilla chips were devoured in 5 minutes of sitting down! They eventually brought over about 4 more baskets! I decided to go light on dinner and just ordered the chips with queso, since the other entrees were sort of spendy $$$. We found this on the menu:
All these promises for $15.99
We also got a picture with our mascot from Cantina! 
And his parrot who has his own Corona! Wow I've never been more jealous of a parrot ;P

The waiter was really confused with our order and it took us about 2 hours to get out of there! I'm glad that I got my $5.99 plate of chips and queso since the others had food that was so overpriced for what they actually got. Once dinner was done we were headed back to the bus! 

I had such a FUN day hanging with all my friends while being able to walk a few miles! I love it when you can incorporate two of the best things in the world...although it was such a sunny gorgeous day outside, so that would have topped all activities!!

After a LONG day! I look so white compared to Julie
This next week I'm going to be a very busy bee! I have events Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday plus packing for Spring Break! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share!!

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