Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 I'm back from my Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Trip in Elgin, IL! It was a blast! I learned soooo much on the build sites and had the opportunity to hang out/get to know some AWESOME people! The church that hosted us for the week was AMAZING as well, since we had to scramble the week before when we thought that the trip was going to be canceled.

We left on Saturday the 12th and came back on Saturday March 19th. Monday was a free day so some of our group jumped on the Metra for an hour train ride to CHICAGO!! Tuesday-Saturday was when we spent most of the day at the builds, but had down time to hang out and play games with everyone once we got back to the church. There's a variety of pictures all mixed up below of Elgin, Chicago, and the Habitat work sites!

On a side note: I have a job for the summer!! I interviewed a few weeks ago for a bible camp called Bethel Horizons located by Madison, WI for the Retreat Center Coordinator!! After interviewing with the recruiter, I knew that's exactly where I wanted to work! So I'll be spending my summer in the middle of WI!!! I'm so excited to be able to just relax now the rest of the semester without having to worry about jobs too!

Now that the snow has pretty much melted, I'm also looking forward to running outside! Now if only the temps would cooperate!
All the girls in front of the flag!
Roomie Love <3

Riding the Metra to Chicago

On the lion in front of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rawr!

The gang in front of the BEAN! We were missing some people :(
Oh Navy Pier
Just hanging out with the children outside Navy Pier

I wish I could be this tall

Distorted Roomie Love <3
The "Rude" Restaurant. The waiters say snarky comments and can be rude, who thought of this?!

Our rude waiter with all our food
Looks like a traditional diner, but no manners!

My site's workers. The other half were at another site a few blocks away

H4H tool belt...creative shot

Rockin the safety glasses

Some of the crew cutting wood sub flooring

St. Patty's Day bowling

Downtown Elgin's playground!

Goofing around

We found this apron in the host church's kitchen!

Modeling the apron
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Our pastor came and kidnapped us for a coffee break
Modeling our masks! Funny how you still try to smile even though you can't see your mouth

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  1. Fun pictures! I've been to Ed Debevic's diner! Our waiter was really rude, but I think he could have been ruder.

    You are such a caring person to spend your spring break doing a Habitat project. Kudos!

    Congrats on getting a job lined up for the summer, too!