Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where do you find your races???

I personally love looking at Running in the USA (here).

I'm taking a look at some of the races I might be registering for!!!!


  1. Try too. They don't have 2011 fully set yet, but in a month or so, there will be tons of races on there.

  2. Every year I get the Running Minnesota Race Schedule and Training Log. Most of the Minnesota races are listed in the book and it's a great way to keep track of my mileage and pace. Oh, this reminds me, I need to go pick one up! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. I just google my area for running events or check out the events section of the Running Room site.

  4. Here are some of the places I go to find events:
    I like the one you listed too, not sure if I've seen it before.

  5. Runners World got me to look up the Portland 1/2 Marathon, which I then registered for about 3 minutes later!

    There is a website that has tons of listings for Eugene, OR area races, so I check that ALL. THE. TIME.

    And then I've learned about cool races through other bloggers talking about them. Plus, Google is my friend! Out of curiosity when I started the C25K program in 2009 I googled races near Orlando, and that's how I saw about the Disney Princess weekend. This year will be my 2nd year in a row there!