Monday, January 31, 2011

Sundays are my Saturdays!

I can't even tell you how active I was yesterday...though I ended up sleeping in until about 12:30pm!!!! Since I don't have any classes on Mondays, Sundays always feel like my Saturdays (I think I can get used to it!).

I worked on some tax accounting with my roommate Shayna which took us about 20 minutes, and then right from there we jumped into our Sociology of Minorities online class to get a quiz out of the way! Let me say that we are never that dedicated to our homework (we always take 10 min. Facebook breaks, end up on some completely random website, and whatever 20ssomething girls talk about).
Freshman year...4 years ago! (I have more recent pictures, just thought a flash back would be cooler)
I was feeling quite antsy after we did some homework, plus the temp out side was sizzling 25 degrees! I went on a brisk walk for about 45 minutes. I love when I can be all by myself and no one can reach me!

Once I got back, we decided we were going to take a roomie field trip to Devil's Punch Bowl, which is a huge pit just outside of town that normally has a waterfall and little stream, but since it's frozen it's a huge ice block! The hike down wasn't bad since they have stairs, though they were a little challenging (fortunately I had boots on so I just plowed my way through the snow). Once we got to the falls the climbing and photo shoots began!
Roomies coming down the stairs!
 I saw an ice ledge that I wanted to stand on so I started climbing on up! Everyone was yelling at me not to, but the adventurous side of me came out and of course I didn't listen ;P
Trying to climb, while Shayna poses!
 Well that didn't turn out well! I ended up falling about a foot and before I hit the ground my forehead smacked the ice ledge!! Good thing I don't have a huge bump, though I am a little sore today! Enjoy more pictures that I snapped:
Missy and I on the side of the falls


They were helping me climb (not a good idea)

Tree branch in the middle of the falls. Kinda wanted to re-enact Tarzan!

I had my sorority meeting to attend last night after these shots were taken, so I had about another 30 minute round trip walk back up to the north campus of Stout! Who ever decided to hold the meetings up on North campus for the first time in my 4 years definitely wasn't thinking since half the sorority lives on South campus! Well needless to say I got my dose of exercise yesterday! Today I think I'll just do some strength and toning exercises!


  1. Looks like you girls had a fun day!! Jealous that Sunday is your Saturday!!

  2. wow! sounds like a great time girl!

  3. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself! The pics are beautiful! Looks like a great time!!! :0)