Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stumbling like a fool ;)

I love love love the tool bar add on called Stumbleupon, which is an internet tool that "stumbles" onto websites you may be interested in! All you do is create an account and select topics that fit your unique personality! You can add it too by visiting their site Stumbleupon (here)! It's a great way to spend multiple hours of your day if you are procrastinating or just bored (trust me I know from experience since I'm a college student)!

Here's an example of what you may find Useless Facts

I'll be back tomorrow!! And if you do start "stumbling" enjoy it!

What's your favorite thing to do to procrastinate???


  1. Just what I need. Another thing to get caught up doing for hours at a time! THANKS! : )

  2. Ha! As a statistics geek, I love this stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That's kinda cool! Never heard of that website before! Thanks! :0)