Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'VE BEEN IN HIBERNATION! Now that finals are over with and I'm free of school until January 4th (I'm taking a Winterm class, which shouldn't be too much work!) I will be posting more often!!

My family celebrated Christmas with my Grandma from Montana early last Saturday, so this Christmas Eve and Day will be super weird not opening presents! BUT I did get a new digital camera for an early birthday gift, so now I will be able to share pictures again, whoo hoo!!!! I can't wait to take a ton of pictures with my roommates and friends!!!!

Well this was just a quick post to tell you all that I'm alive, sorry for leaving you hanging for soooo long!!!  I will be posting later tonight or tomorrow and I PROMISE TO BLOG AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK!!!

I'm going to go catch up on my blog reading now...


  1. Score! Digital cameras were such an awesome invention. Love 'em!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Well, it's nice to know you are still with us.. this time of year, ya never know, sadly.. Good luck with the class, and I'm sure we all look forward to more pics on here now that you have a digital camera.. ;)

  3. YAY! Can't wait to see some pictures from your new camera! :)

  4. congrats on the 5km race too,,, sounded like crappy weather, just came across your blog today..

    Have a merry christmas

  5. Enjoy your time off - happy holidays!!

  6. Glad you get a break for a while! Enjoy it!! :0) Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  7. I hope you're enjoying your break!

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