Friday, November 19, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday!

I'm on time...take note of this! It rarely happens that I have any time on Thursdays to do this post, but I'm not going to let you down!

Some things I'm going to be thinking about this weekend:
Can't wait for this!!
  1. Two of my roommates and a friend are heading down to FL to visit my other roommate who's doing an internship at Disney until January! I was totally going to go with, but finances and timing did not work out. They will have such a great time and many many pictures! I expect to hear A LOT from them!
  2. I'm tie dying long sleeve shirts with my running buddy Rebecca tomorrow!!! I'm so excited to do this! My mom and I picked out my accessories for my first 5K at Target, so Rebecca and I decided to make some unique shirts as well...You'll have to wait until race day to see out get ups...which is about 2 weeks and 2 days away!!!!!!!!!
  3. I think I'm going to go on this Habitat for Humanity build on Saturday with this group called Lutheran Campus Ministries. My roommate Missy and I have been going to the gatherings on Monday evenings for the past few weeks or so and we really enjoy it. They have members from different churches around the area come and cook a big meal for everyone that comes and then we have discussions, devotionals, and song singing after we eat. I'm meeting so many people that I would have never met before, so I'm really really enjoying it! 
  4. Other than all these things, I plan on working on some homework and just relax!
  5. Oh could I have forgotten! MY CAMPUS ONLY HAS 2 DAYS OF SCHOOL THIS NEXT WEEK!!!! We get the Wednesday off before Thanksgiving on Thurday, so we score big time!! I'm so excited for all the food on Thanksgiving (in moderation of course)!
Ok, so that's my ramblings! I'll be back sometime Saturday to share some pictures (hopefully)!


  1. Tie dyeing your own shirts is a great idea! Good luck on your first 5K!

  2. Hope you enjoy your days off from school! Ah an internship at Disney...I bet she's having a BLAST! Hope the Habitat project went well! :0)

  3. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Did you participate in the Habitat For Humanity build? I've always wanted to do that. :)

  4. Bummer - which you could have gone to Florida! I bet your roommate is having a blast! I spent 3 and a half years of my living working in Disney World ... got my start in 1997 on my first WDW college program internship!

    We must see pictures of the tie-dyed shirts!