Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is going to take some getting used to...

RIP Blackberry
My post title is related to my Blackberry, not my running antics! Can we all just take a moment of silence to honor my Blackberry Tour...I know how dramatic of me, but I loved that thing! I should have known something was going to happen since the last couple weeks, the home row lights stayed on constantly. Well last Thursday it finally shut down...for good!!! I loved the convenience of having the internet and being able to check my emails on my phone in between classes, but now that life is all over!

My new phone...mourning my old phone
I have a new phone and it's the Samsung Intensity which was about $100 and doesn't have the data plan, which is good because I'm saving my dad an extra $30 a month. The Verizon lady was trying to sell my dad and I a brand new Blackberry for $149, which I didn't see reasonable since my contract is up in January of 2012 and I could even get a free phone then with renewing my account. I got my old Blackberry Tour for free, so BUYING a new one was out of the question. So now I'm adjusting to T9word (though I have a slide out keyboard, but it's spread out and clumsy to text on), no games, no internet, no email, no Google....so with that please be patient since I don't have any device that allows me to share any pictures with you since my old digital camera is not working either. My Samsung phone came with a USB cord, so I'm trying to figure out how to share pictures from my phone. So from now on I may just have to use Google images.

I've still been running, though now I brought back my iPod from home which is super old school (circa 2005). I remember when I was working for $40/paycheck back when I was 16 and saving up for one. That's when they first came out and I think I paid $250 for an iPod Nano! Well I updated my songs with some Ke$sha, Owl City, and some other more modern music, so I'm set! It's such a different experience running with the music since I feel like I'm going much faster with the beats.

I have some running on my schedule tomorrow down at the trail with my running buddy...and my iPod!!


  1. So sorry about your phone!
    I laughed at the iPod! I have one just like it!!! Too funny!

  2. Hey sweetie..

    You can send pics from your phone to your "online album".. and then you can save them to your computer from there.. all it uses is a picture message, and if you have unlimited texts and picture messages, hopefully this shouldn't be an issue..

    Then you just go to the vzwireless.com site and go to the "media" drop-down menu and manage picture album.. hope this helps ya transition from your precious BB.. I want one so bad.. lol

  3. You couldn't tell - since it was silent - but I had a moment for your Blackberry. I even lowered my head in its honor. :(