Sunday, November 7, 2010


As promised I'm posting a 5k related post! So I just looked at my blog countdown and there's 27 days until the 2010 Reindeer Run in Minneapolis!!!! I can't believe that it's coming up sooooo fast! It seems like just yesterday Rebecca and I decided to start training!

Now it's time to buckle down and get some serious training in!

I'm adding another day of running to my normal routine and then walking on the days I have "off." I don't have any rest days since walking is pretty easy to accomplish and I'll be going for about 20-25 minutes.

Some things I want to work on the next few weeks (some are not related to running!):
  • Run at least 18-20 minutes each session (exception of a couple seconds of walking).
  • Drink at least 2 full water bottles (25oz) a day (way under recommended ounces a day): can you say Operation Hydration!
  • Get some holiday gear for my 5k on December 4th. I'm thinking running tights, cute holiday boxers, fake antlers, knee high holiday socks, and maybe some sort of cute shirt.
  • Stop chewing my finger nails and cuticles. I don't want to have my fingers look ratty when I'm interviewing for full time jobs. 
  • Only eat 2 desserts a week=no more Nutty Bars...I need to give them away!
  • Catch up on all my blog subscriptions and my Cosmos!
  • FINALLY take my training very seriously these next few weeks!!!!!!
DON'T FORGET: turn your clocks back an hour starting at 2am tonight!! YAY for an extra hour of sleep!


  1. Great list of goals and totally doable! I'm running the LA Full Marathon in March and I'm starting to get super nervous!! Aaaahh, it will be here before I know it too!

  2. great list!! I'll totally take those nutty bars off your hands for you ;) haha... chocolate and peanut butter is my weakness! ugh!

  3. Those sound like awesome goals! Love the list! I don't know that I could only do dessert two times a week..I don't have enough willpower! lol Good luck with everything! :0)