Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh our run was...INTENSE (for us anyway)

Today I went to the trail with my running buddy to really get serious on our training! She was in the same mind set as me, so we really worked ourselves hard today! We did a quick 4 minute warm up and then just start jogging. Well we were both asking if we were doing fine or if we wanted to walk, but both of us felt great (and not too winded either!). We ended up running for 10 straight minutes and got to the mile marker in that amount of time. After our tiring 10 minute run (the longest we've run without walking) we decided to walk for 3 minutes, just so we could catch our breath. The gas line people were oh so kind to flag the sides of the trails where there gas pipes were, so Rebecca and I used those to do our intervals back to the start. We did about 4 more running intervals, all 2 minutes each(or using the flags) and both of us sprinted to the bridge the last 20 seconds. Very surprisingly we felt great (sweaty and huffing), but we were really excited that we didn't feel crappy after ward.

I want to drink 3 of these a day!
My goal of increasing my water intake has not been going so well. Today I only had one full water bottle and had every opportunity to drink more, but I was just doing all these little tasks which made the day just fly by! Tomorrow I will for sure try to drink more since I'll be gone from the house from 10am-6pm by conveniently filling it up on campus (but only from the soda fountain water spout since they have the best water)! I need to consciously make an effort to guzzle, guzzle, guzzle especially since my facial skin has been soooo dehydrated and looks very blah! My lips have gotten much better, but I still feel like the water intake issue is definitely what's causing my skin to go haywire!


  1. Sounds like an awesome run!! Great job! :0) As far as water goes, I try to always carry a water bottle with me everywhere. If I leave my desk, it comes with me. Sometimes I do lose it, yes (and I eventually recover it)...but at least I have it everywhere with me so I can drink whenever! lol

  2. Hey Stephanie.. new follower, and I tagged you in a cute "get to know you" game on my blog.. hope you can play.. :)

    Looking forward to reading your blog some more..