Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good thing Wednesday is over!

This is the construction on my campus route
More construction...right on the sidewalk
I'm soooo happy that Wednesday is all over! The day dragged on, but I find my time slipping away fast when the evening hours come?! I mean I was literally falling asleep on the couch at 7pm! 

I ended up dragging myself off the couch to go running (which I was going to do after work at 4pm, but the sun sets earlier now and I didn't want to be on the trail). I thought it would be great to go running walking around my campus route, which didn't end up the way I planned. The plan was to run the same amount of time I would have down at the trail, but I ended up mostly walking since it had gotten very windy...excuses, excuses...blah, blah, blah! I ended up running for about 6 minutes total and thought about just heading to the outdoor track (with no lights, so people couldn't see me...haha), but there was already a few runners on their, so I continued around campus. It was a GREAT change from the usual trail, though it was TRYING to rain on me! I went for a total of 30:01:18. After my run I was thinking about doing squats and lunges, but that took too much effort (again with the excuses!). Maybe I should have taken a look at my Inspirtation Page. Though for some odd reason I had enough energy to clean the counter and stove top since there was NASTY food all over it from dinner!
Love Windex Multi-Surface! Get's the job done!

I'm super excited for our Tri-Sigma sisterhood tomorrow because we are having Challenge Day. It's going to be like the MTV show If You Really Knew Me and should be impactful! I'll update you with the details tomorrow!

Also today I started this writing journal extra credit thing for my Recruitment and Selection class, which makes me write for 15 minutes for 6 consecutive days about my everyday actions. All I know is that this Grad student is doing this for his project, plus the professor is rewarding us with extra credit, and that's all it took for me to sign the waiver!
Pecan Pie (sorry I already started eating it)

More of my thoughts tomorrow...


  1. Way to go for getting out there and running! I was really not in the mood today to go to the gym but I somehow made it. I only ran about 2 miles but at least I got there, right? : )

  2. That's great! Great job getting out there even when you didn't feel like it!! The show with Tri-Sigma sounds cute! :0) That pecan pie...mmmhmmmm! Yummy!