Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday!!!!

Ugh another pumpkin pie blizzard!
IT'S THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY...AND IT'S ON TIME! So the homework gods have given me a temporary break tonight with homework so you get rewarded with this post!! 

We had meet Big Sis tonight for sorority and it's been a long time coming, since the beginning of September! All the Big Sises(sp?) went and hid in separate rooms and the little sises had to solve a riddle to come find us! I was hiding in the dark and I think my Little Jenny was a little freaked out! But anyway we exchanged gifts and took some "family" pictures!

Big(Me) and Little(Jenny
I don't have too many thoughts for this weekend because I've committed to doing NOTHING with my roommate Shayna! We are going to catch up on some movies, sit around in sweats, and do our homework. This weekend is much needed since I've been running around the past 3 weekends!

  1. I'm so excited to catch up on homework and do NOTHING(besides a run tomorrow afternoon)! I probably won't even shower (ew gross, I know) but I'm going to be a couch potato!
  2. My big brother is running a marathon this weekend in Mankato, MN so I wish him the best of luck! I would love to go, but with my schedule this past month I need a weekend off. He's going to do amazing and I can't wait to hear how he does!
  3. I have a group midterm looming over my head and it's due on October 29th, so some of this weekend will be used to work on that. I hate group projects, especially when the professor doesn't give you time to work on it IN CLASS! But I guess I have to deal with it and suck it up! Oh and I have a business finance take home test that's due on Monday, so my weekend away will be spent working on that,UGH!!
  4. This 3rd bullet point is unnecessary because I've already mentally checked out for the weekend!
Enjoy whatever your heart desires this weekend, I know I'm looking forward to my relaxing weekend!


  1. Thanks for the follow! Good Luck on all of your tests and studying this weekend! I remember those days! :) It was just last year lol :)

  2. Midterms ... I don't miss those AT ALL!!