Friday, October 8, 2010

Sorry I'm really bad at this!!

My Thoughtful Thursday hasn't been too successful, so here I am again a day late to let you know my thoughts!!!
  1. I'm home this weekend for one of my best friend's bachelorette party (we've been friends for 18 years!) and I can't wait! She says she doesn't want to get too drunk, but that's no fun, especially when you're the bride-to-be! Well if she thinks that she's in for a surprise ;P
  2. The Business Finance test that was looming over my head was taken this past Monday! In no way was I prepared since I was busy all last weekend at my sorority sister's wedding. It didn't turn out too hot, but there's a few more tests so it will even out.
  3. My weekend started off to a rough start! First I was stressed and annoyed with people all week for some reason and then to top it off I got a speeding ticket on my way home! I was going 75 mph in a 65mph...there goes $125 of my poor college student budget!!!! I'm 21 and that's my first speeding ticket since I got my license at 16. Hopefully with the festivities this weekend I will forget all my problems and start fresh!
But I did go for a run around the neighborhood before dinner! I think I only went a little over a mile because my time was 17minutes and some odd seconds! At least it's something though considering I didn't run on Wednesday! So I will be back on Sunday or Monday to let you all know how my weekend turns out!

Hope all your weekends are turning out better than the start of mine! Safe running!

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