Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy+Windy=One gloomy day and an over the top run!

At the start of the trail
I woke up bright not so bright and early this morning at 6:30am. When the sun rose hid behind the clouds, I knew that the whole day was going to be gloomy. Classes were the usual and my 2 hour shift at work was slow. I enjoyed applying to jobs which wore me out, so I took an hour nap and when I woke up it was just starting to drizzle. My running partner and I were planning on running around 4 pm, so we headed down to the trail with the drizzle still continuing. "WE ARE DEDICATED" as I kept saying. "We need to train in all elements!" We did the usual 5 minute warm up and then we did something we haven't done before...we just ran until we felt like we couldn't run anymore. Well we only ran for 7 minutes straight and then walked the rest of the way to the 1 mile sign. We continued walking and then ended up running for about 6 more minutes towards the end. Though we were both kinda miserable running in the drizzle, we both felt AMAZING!!
Gloomy, gloomy day

Tonight I was supposed to start on my Organizational Leadership group paper, but I'm going to leave that until tomorrow when my night class is canceled! Lots of homework to do before Thursday though our school is GENIUS and gives us Advisement Day, where we don't have any classes and you meet with your advisor about your schedule next semester. Advisement Day is a Stout tradition where many kids end up going out and sleep in the next day, though sadly this year I will be working a 4 hour shift then working on homework :(

It's still raining, so I'm headed to bed and I can sleep in tomorrow until 8:30am(oh so late! Can you sense the sarcasm?!). I'm going to let the drizzling rain on my window lull me to sleep! Good night, happy running :)


  1. HI there! I'm your newest follower. Your blog title caught my eye because I just started really getting into running and I ran for my first event, a Half Marathon in September and it was amazing! Now I'm training for a full one in March! Best of luck with all your training.
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  2. Aren't those runs the best! Whenever I run until I can't anymore, I end up surprising myself with how far I go! Eventually, doing that consistently led to me being able to run 7 miles (and hopefully 13.1 by my race in December!). Keep up the good work!

  3. Fun run! Sometimes it's better to go out for a run and not worry about the distance. Training in all elements is good too, it toughens us runners up for winter running!