Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh the adventures down at the Red Cedar Trail!!

I meant to start a post on Thursday but I got too busy with sorority stuff. From now on I will have a weekly post called Thoughtful Thursday which will get my thoughts on the weekend ahead!! So here's my late post that I was going to do on Thursday:
  1. I'm wishing my dad the best of luck this weekend on his 2 marathons this weekend! The first one is Saturday in New Hampshire and then he's onto Maine on Sunday!! I'm so jealous I couldn't have traveled with my parents because of school, but I'm there in spirit!! I know he'll do great! And from my mom's texts it sounds like they're having a blast on the NE coast!
  2. I can't wait until Saturday! My Big Sis from my sorority is getting married after three years of engagement!! It's going to be so much, plus I get to see my cousin since she's my date!
  3. A business finance test is looming over my head until Monday morning so I should be studying for that, but I got too busy today and won't be doing anything tomorrow because of the wedding. This means that I will have to be studying all day Sunday, UGH!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend! 
Yay 2 miles!!!
So today my running buddy and I headed down to the Red Cedar Trail (the usual) for our run, but we were both exhausted from the week so we decided to be more adventurous!! We walked for the first time to the 2 mile marker in about 50 minutes. As we walked we were both into taking pictures of the fall scenes and did some slight trespassing through a barbed wire fence to get a close up look at some mushrooms! It was sort of rainy and cold while we explored, but nothing was stopping our adventurous selves. We were so into exploring the mile past the usual mile that all 4 miles took us a whopping 82 minutes, so we definitely made up for not running!
Here's the pictures:
Mushrooms in restricted area!
Area we had to climb over barbed wire!

Just around the river bend!
I accidentally jumped into the mud and lost my shoe!

Got my shoe out of the mud!
This is the aftermath of losing my shoe in the mud!

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