Monday, October 4, 2010

Off to a great start of the week!!

With my business finance test out of the way (bright and early at 8am), I am hopefully free to coast for the week with a few simple assignments!!! I love weeks like this were I can thoroughly enjoy some extra free time! As I posted on Friday night, I had a busy weekend ahead!

Love this center piece!
My sorority sister's wedding was gorgeous! She had an outdoor ceremony, which was a bit chilly, but everything was amazing! The reception, the food, the dancing was awesome! A bunch of my sorority sisters came for the dance, so it was fun busting a move for my exercise. The reason I was busting a move on the dance floor was because I was drinking beer, so I had to work it off some how, haha!

My conch piercing(the stud)
Between the ceremony and reception my cousin and I stopped to get my cartilage pierced! I've wanted this piercing for a while and figured I had the money and time to do it so I did! 

If any of you are wondering, my dad did great in his double marathon weekend out in NH and Maine! He was sore, as anyone would be, but he's walking so its all good! Just knowing that he could put his body through that stress is so inspiring!

I went for a little run today! For some reason I was getting super paranoid with all the leaves rustling, and the trail is secluded so I cut my run short and only went for 19:16:48. After coming home I cooked my dinner (I cut onions and got the crying effect, which has never happened before) which was delicious, I felt like I needed to do a little more cardio. I went out for a short walk around campus and was back in 26:19:56. So all together I did 45:36:04 of exercise today which makes up for my slacking on the run! I'm planning on running Wednesday, so let's hope I don't get paranoid anymore!

Kung Pao Chicken(not homemade, seasoning package)
Hope you all are having great Monday evening!

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  1. oh that kung pao chicken looks tasty...i want some!