Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nothing like a little time management!

This is my blog header. All the trees are bare!
I am sooo surprised at my time management skills this week!!! And here I thought I was going to be so busy with homecoming for sorority or homework! With all my cooking and baking yesterday to a blog post in the early evening is a HUGE shock! Today flew by, which is a FANTASTIC thing! I went to class this morning and worked this afternoon, then went to DQ for a small pumpkin pie blizzard with a little whipped cream (I couldn't resist, they're only around for a month so I have to enjoy!).

The fall season is going soo fast!
5 minutes after I finished my blizzard I went to the usual trail to do my 2 miles! That trail was so busy with people out biking, running, taking pictures, and bird watching. Probably the busiest I've ever seen it! This group of cross country girls ran by and I wish I could have enough endurance to do that! SOMEDAY!!! Well anyway I had a great run, I haven't been keeping up with the C25K intervals anymore, just kind of running 2-3 mins and then walking the same amount of time. Though I'm not doing the exact intervals, I feel like I'm going faster than usual since my 1 mile time was a little over 11 minutes. I consider that good since I walked for a good amount of that. My total time was 27:48:26, I believe my fastest time on the trail so far, though I think the blizzard before the run kind of weighed me down.
My Maine running shirt. Courtesy of my parents' trip out east!


  1. Does the DQ pumpkin Blizzard taste like pumpkin pie with cool whip?? If so I'm totally going to have to test it out while there is still time.

    Tell Fall to SLOW DOWN!! It goes too fast!

  2. It tastes just like a pumpkin pie except with ice cream!