Monday, October 11, 2010

My new found love...PUMPKIN!!!

In honor of my new love, pumpkin anything, this post is going to be in orange!!! Well it's not a new found love, but at this time everything can be made into a pumpkin flavor...blizzards, lattes, ice cream, cookies, muffins, pretty much anything under the sun!!! Sometime this week I want to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, but who knows when that's going to be since it's Homecoming week at school and I will be busy every night with different events!

Bachelorette Party Attendees!
Well when I posted on Friday I kind of had a damper to my day, but my friend's bachelorette party was sooo much fun! There's a few pictures from the beginning of it, none from my camera of course, though there are no existing pictures of the bars. Don't worry, nothing much happened at the bars besides she went around with a bouquet of suckers and collected money from guys!! Good way to make money! She made about $57 which the asking price was a dollar though some guys gave her $5 or one guy even gave her $10 and didn't even take any suckers!
Anyway I ran today with my running buddy down at the normal trail. We took it pretty slowly since my running buddy has been dealing with a family emergency and my tummy wasn't feeling too well. We did the usual 2 miles in 33:59:28. It was nice to catch up and get a good workout in though it was a little warm still (which doesn't relate well to my pumpkin appetite!). Since this week is going to fly by with homecoming and homework I'm going to run Wednesday and then Friday at home (my friend's wedding is on the 16th). 

So if you haven't already got into the fall spirit go out and enjoy the pumpkin flavored treats that are out there! They only come around once a year!!!

Have no idea where this blue stuff came from!
Here's some pictures from my weekend:
My 10 minute meal!
Pumpkin Pie Blizzard!

The bachelorette popped the champagne all over!
One of the games we played


  1. I love pumpkin flavored anything too! I've even got pumpkin spice candles going in my house. LOL Good for you getting out for 2 miles!

  2. Your bachelorette party game has made me giggle!