Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Funday!

Taking a break on the bridge
Time for some Monday Funday!!! This day for some reason has dragged on since the moment I woke up at 6:30am for class! I feel like it should be 2am and I should be sound asleep!

I ran today by myself. My running buddy had a group meeting, so we rescheduled for Wednesday! The usual trail was less busy today since I went earlier in the afternoon and about half a mile down I got the beejesus scared out of me! Since the leaves are all crunchy you can hear every little movement I heard this huge commotion coming down the hill. All of a sudden I see this guy with a black jacket on and sunglasses standing on the trail. My stomach jumped into my throat! He looked kind of menacing so I slowed and pretended like I was texting and taking pictures of the trees. Then this girl comes crawling down the hill too, so I was a little relieved! Though I was still trying to calm myself down from this abrupt end. I decided to turn around after they started walking the other way only exercising for about 19 minutes. Even though I had that little scare it was great to hear the leaves crunch under my feet and I also heard a wood pecker. I wasn't expecting to see a wood pecker and had such a hard time finding out where it was!

BBQ Chicken Pizza (2 pieces down)
Who would have thought there was a B&B ?

I came home and made some bbq chicken pizza! I used the packaged dough where you add water and had some left over green peppers that needed to be taken care of, so the recipe was simple! And delicious!!! I also enjoyed a pumpkin bar that my mom made this past weekend!!

Oh, so I will update about my friend's wedding tomorrow or Wednesday after I download my pictures!!


  1. Mmm that BBQ Chicken Pizza looks soo good.

  2. Holy cow - I would have been startled by the unexpected man, too!