Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow...there's actually time to breathe!

So it's been a few days since my last post! And you can probably guess why...I took 3 days off last week and I will never do it again!! I took Wednesday off because it was pouring rain (I know it's not an excuse but I had a ton of homework!), Thursday I had an excursion to the Twin Cities for Booty Cruise(you had to win tickets, and it was full women and male dancers, kinda like Chip N Dales and it was craziness), then Friday I had to wake up early to drive about an hour and a half to make it to my 8am class(on 4 hours of sleep). After my class Friday I was done for...I slept about another 3-4 hours skipping my run with my running buddy! And of course all these extra activities were on top of homework, classes, and work!
My stainless steel water bottle from Old Navy!

I had a great weekend! Friday, after my "napping" my running buddy and I drove to the Cities to see Vicki Gunvalson from the Real Housewives of the OC! We stopped to go shopping at the mall to kill some time and I actually bought something (this is new because I usually never have extra money to spend being a poor college student!). Vicki was super nice and has written a book about how she started her own business and it's booming! Yeah both Rebecca and I didn't stick to our eating plans because we ate at Leeann Chin's and were stuffed after! Though I skipped the pop and had lemonade!
Gum art at the Mall of America...YUCK!

I did make it a point to run on Saturday though I was dragging along! I promise to myself that I will not take 3 days off in a row EVER again! I decided to do the 2 min intervals of walking and jogging because I didn't want to overwork myself! Well actually I walked about 8 minutes on the way back to my car, but hey I was still out doing something! Though I felt like it was never going to end (the mile down and back) I was surprised to see that I had done that in 29:38:10! Pretty good for the condition I was in! Today I also went for a quick 25 minute walk around campus, and I was loving the weather. At first it was a little chilly but isn't that what we've all been waiting for all summer?!

Hopefully my running buddy is up for our weekly training session tomorrow! I'm starting to enjoy the break the running gives me from my other commitments like homework! It's my time to breathe, or be out of breath I guess, but either way I need to commit myself to my goal and keep reminded myself that I need to make time for it!

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