Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When life gets busy...RUN!!

So it's been a few days! School is rapidly eating away at my free time to go running! I feel so overwhelmed with all these group projects and assignments happening...why can't it be summer still?! Professors think that you have all this time to do their homework, when in reality you have 4 other classes shoving things down your throat too. Well it's time to stop making excuses! I still went running yesterday with my running buddy, though we were running very late, but it doesn't matter because still went!! I saw this video over on Miles to Run's blog and all the excuses in the video are sooo true! Everyone has used one of these and they ARE excuses, but nothing that's going to stop you. We shouldn't take excuses for granted because there are people that would love to get up and RUN but they can't because of a disability.

Mud, Mud, Mud!
Yesterday my running buddy and I went on our usual intervals, though we are supposed to be walking 2 mins, running 2 mins, walking 3 mins, running 3 mins. Because we've both been so busy we decided to just do 2 minute intervals all the way since we didn't feel like we were ready for the 3 min intervals yet. I love the trail we train on, but it leaves my shoes with this gravel/muddy mixture that gets tracked all over my floor when it gets home. And of course I'm too lazy to clean them up with a stick!

I went for a short walk today, about a 34 minute break from my homework! It's very important for me to walk in order to relieve my stress, so I'm glad that I got to get away for a bit. The activity and kids around campus was a little overwhelming having people walking around and smoke in the air. It wasn't the walk I was hoping I could have, though I did enjoy the crisp weather! Fall is my favorite season because I'm always hot, so these temps are right in between hot and cold! Plus I love the changing leaves!
This has been my life saver!

I'm still battling that bad blister on my left heel and my homemade "bandaids" (I put a real bandaid down, then duck tape over the bandaid) have been holding up pretty well. Duck tape is the only way it will stay on, lol!! I just started putting A+D Topical Ointment on it the other night, so hopefully that can speed up the healing process.

Well I should be heading to bed! I have an 8am class tomorrow and it's Business Finance(like accounting) so I need to be well rested in order to comprehend and survive! Happy Running!!

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