Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wasteful start to the week

Not the pretty looking tree, but I love the color!
So I thought that this week was going to be a perfect week to be consistent with my running. I was planning on running Monday and today, but of course it didn't go as I expected!! Monday I went on my solo run attempt to do the usual intervals going 1 mile down the trail and back. About 10 minutes into my run my body just shut down! My stomach was tumbling and grumbling making me nauseous so I turned around and headed home!! I was not happy!! I wish I could have pushed through it, but sometimes you have to listen to your body.

Oh I also registered for my FIRST 5k on Monday!!! I filled out the registration form, wrote out my check, and mailed it to MN!!! REINDEER RUN 2010 here I come on DECEMBER 4th!!!!

1st Registration!
Tuesday I went on my day-off walk around campus for about 25 minutes. I actually started timing how many minutes I walk a day from my house to campus and then to classes!! I was pretty surprised at how many minutes I spent walking around campus for each day. I think Tuesday ended up being about 40-45minutes of spaced out exercise that I didn't even realize complements my training schedule.

I can't stop taking pictures of these colors!
Today I had all the intentions of going down to the trail to run, but caught up with my running buddy to talk since I haven't seen or trained with her about a week and a half, because of her family emergency! We ended up going to Fleet Farm and sort of walked around the store, so that was the extent of our workout today, but it was a much needed get together to catch up! At this time it was dinner time so we headed to a Chinese buffet (I know, I know, Chinese buffets should not be on my diet plan, but we were indulging tonight!). Though I didn't watch my portions I only had one plate full of food, and a couple desserts! After the buffet we stopped at Caribou Coffee and for the first time I tried a White Chocolate Pumpkin Spiced Mocha (no whipped cream, my healthy choice for the night!). It was DELICIOUS!! I'll definitely have to get a few more since they're only seasonal! I had a pounding headache for half the day, so after popping 3 ibuprofens(sp?) I set out on a short 25 minute walk around campus. I figured it was better than nothing!

These are sooo comfy!
I'm winding down with a little blogging, and the scent of my pumpkin spice candle in the background along with my sweet slippers!! I <3 everything about fall: the seasonal scents, changing colors, crisp air, rustling leaves, and all the activities at local orchards!


  1. Those slippers really do look super comfy!
    And Congrats on signing up for your 1st 5K ~ I hope you have blast on December 4th!!

  2. You're going to be awesome on December 4th! 5K's are such a fun distance to run. Also, cute slippers! :)