Thursday, September 2, 2010

Short and Sweet

Sorry for not having any pictures! I make it a goal to bring my phone so that I can document my training and to be honest it felt unusual not snapping some scenery pictures.

Training went well today! The weather was very cloudy and crisp today, making it a perfect day to run. Because the trail is packed gravel, it was a little slippery so running was sort of exhausting having to focus on no slipping when there's so many other things to think about (breathing, time). My running buddy and I were set to work hard today since we won't be getting any training together over the weekend.

We did the same distance as the past 2 weeks (1 mile down, 1 mile back), but I was ecstatic to learn that we had shaved off 1 minute and some odd seconds. The total time was 31:38, compared to Tuesday's time of 32:23!! This is sooo exciting that our pace has picked up and hopefully in the next week we will venture further than a mile down the trail!

That's about all for now! I'll have more to share from my weekend training! Also I can't wait to get some new running gear!! It's sort of like an incentive to work harder and keep up my motivation!

Embracing the lifestyle of a step at a time :)


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