Sunday, September 26, 2010

My week minus Monday...all in ONE post!!

I knew it would happen eventually!! I've officially been bogged down with group projects and homework in all four classes!! So now I get to recap my week in a nutshell!

I'm lazy and use paper boats, so I don't have to do dishes
The last post I updated you with was on Monday when I was an overachiever and went running and then hiking right after my run! Tuesdays are my busy days where I work and have class from 10-6, so I never feel like doing much! Though I didn't feel up to doing ANYTHING I managed to cook up a box of Asian Helper Lo Mein (fast version of stir fry), which took 30 pain staking minutes(I only had a half of a pb&j sandwich at noon before class, and was at that point starving!), plus I only had 1 egg, so I didn't get the full effect. I managed to go on a short walk around campus that night, because at that point I was exhausted! Once I got home I quickly took a shower and hopped into bed :)

Wednesday's yummy "family" dinner!
Wednesday was when the sky opened up! I woke up to RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! Those days are the worst especially when you have to walk to class in the wetness(I guess I can't complain because I don't like carting around an umbrella!). I love Wednesdays because I have a 2 hour break after my 10am class until I go to work so I get to take a nap if I'm tired! I almost always take advantage of this because all my roommates are gone and I can re-energize for my shift at work! My roommates wanted to have a "family" dinner, so I volunteered to cook up one of my mom's recipes, Fluffy Rice and Chicken. It's super easy! All you do is mix french onion soup mix, milk, uncooked rice and dump it over thawed chicken breasts, cooking for an hour! I was supposed to go train on the trail but it was miserable so I decided to walk instead. I took about a 20 minute walk, but was SOAKING wet and decided to head back!

Puddle at the end of my parking lot!
Thursday the weather didn't cooperate any better! Honestly there was FLOODING all over southern MN and WI, so bad that some highways were closed off because they were impassable! I went for a short walk in the rain(AGAIN!) and was miserable, so I only lasted about 25 minutes. I came home from sorority activities and my roommates wanted to watch a movie. We watched The Killers, which was really cute, but it was way past my bedtime (midnight to be exact), which is late for me when I get up at 6:30am! Usually I'm in bed by 10:30 or earlier! I was exhausted come Friday because I didn't have any time to take a nap after classes since my mom came up for the day! We went for lunch at Red Lobster(love their biscuits), and then went shopping. I was supposed to run that night, but I only went for a 17 minutes walk because my roommate wanted to watch a different movie and I figured that I walked the mall, plus it was still kind of drizzly.

So happy to see this!
Love all the fall colors!
Today I slept in, which was much needed, and was busy running errands! Well running was on my list since I hadn't done it since Monday, so I headed down to the usual trail! I think I should come up with a name for the trail, so that it sounds more exciting when I can say, "I'm going to meet so and so!" I'm still doing the 2 minute intervals just because I feel like I need to take it slow and just work up the intervals in a couple weeks. I'm planning on stepping up the intervals next week to 2 minutes, 3 minutes. I went the usual mile down, mile back and the time was 28:27:76, which I thought was good considering I hadn't been down there since Monday. Well more running tomorrow and I'm going to stick to my running routine this next week! I finished all my homework, so I should be free to do LOTS tomorrow!!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy past week! Better luck next week getting a few good runs in! :)

  2. Ooooh you're getting such pretty fall colors already. Ours are barely starting.