Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Day of Summer :(

These are my books, ugh!
Tomorrow is my last first day of school ever (well unless I go onto grad school later)! I'm a SENIOR IN COLLEGE!! I can't believe that time has passed so fast! It finally hit me when an advisor from a group I was in freshman year was in shock that it has been four LONG years! Saying that I'm a senior brings on a whole new meaning since I am unsure about my future and just hope that this year is enjoyable! I feel like school just creeped up on me and I'm no where near ready! This next week we have recruitment events for my sorority every night, so that will make the days fly by! The consistent schedule will be nice though and somewhere in between I will fit in my training!

The start of my Bondi Band collection, YAY!
Anyway onto my training! I slacked again, just not as bad as Sunday night! I ran about 1.8 miles around my neighborhood here in 19:55:20 at school and boy was it different! There was so much traffic and commotion around it was sort of overwhelming. Another thing is that I get kind of self conscious when I'm running because I'm not used to people driving since most of my training is done on the trail. Though it took me some time to get used to the new route, the weather was perfect. Nice. Crisp. Enjoyable! No aches and pains, just need to work on hydrating myself more.

I love Bondi Bands! I just ordered two more last week and I can't wait to get more! I have a variety of patterns because it makes dressing up for my workouts more fun :)


  1. Enjoy your senior year!!! It flies by.

    Don't be self conscious while running! I know when I see people running, I always think, "Good for you! I should be doing the same!". I'm proud of you for sticking to your training!!

  2. You will be in grad school soon enough! Enjoy your senior year because life is going to come at you soon enough.

    And when you are out running, remember you are faster than all the slackers who are still sitting on their couches!