Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a quick little walk for fun :)

I got to see the first star of the night!
Safety comes first on my walk
Ahh, the weather gods finally gave us a break! It must have been around 70 degrees when I headed out meaning I could thoroughly enjoy my short walk with the cool fall like breeze! I was on my own for training tonight, though it wasn't interval training, but I have decided to go on short walks to keep up my stamina and just enjoy the scenery in between my training sessions with my running buddy. It was a quick 30 minute walk around campus since I felt like I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. I started out around 8pm when it was starting to get dark so I figured I should stay around lit areas, just because I wouldn't feel comfortable down on the usual trail! I've read too many murder stories of young women getting killed since the trails are so secluded. After my walk I did some lunges and squats (after reading that these will strengthen the leg muscles and prevent knee problems) and did my normal stretching.

Notice the soles wearing out toward the toe area
I took a look at my shoes tonight and noticed the sole was starting to wear down to the insides, ugh! I've only had these shoes for about a month and a half. These shoes are ones I picked up at Target for $24, so I guess I will have to invest in a new pair of "real" running shoes. I'm waiting until this weekend when I can get a free moment to get to the sporting goods store. Still don't know what brand I'm going to go with, I guess whatever is comfortable. I realize that good running shoes can get expensive, but its all about embracing the lifestyle :)

Well tomorrow I continue my interval training with my running buddy! I just hope that the mosquitoes and weather can behave themselves to benefit me!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Sounds like you're doing good so far! :D Keep it up! You will find lots of encouragement here! I started a running blog in August as well (just a tad earlier than you) and it is unbelievable all the advice and encouragement I have received!!

  2. oh man I can't wait for weather like that!!

    don't forget to take your shoes with you when you go, the wear on the inside is a sign you are pronating so they will help find you shoes that fit better and keep you from getting injured!