Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bananas, Car, Training...Oh My!

This weekend I'm enjoying a little bit of R&R in my hometown before college starts next Wednesday! My weekend is already packed with activities with family, friends and food...the only thing missing: my training for my 5k! I managed to squeeze my workout after my home cooked dinner of chili (ugh that really weighed me down later in my run!).  I felt so bloated since I usually eat after my workout sessions.

Right next to a busy neighborhood road
I did the usual 2 miles total, but on a new path in my neighborhood. The weather was much chillier than it has been in past training sessions, so I think it was a shock to my body! I definitely felt like I was huffing and puffing much more, plus there was a slight incline for a portion of the path (ha, and I asked my dad for a flat path!). The wind almost prevented me from even attempting my workout! It was so strong and could feel the resistance the whole way! I could feel it in my shins, but they managed to cooperate. For some reason I was feeling a little more self conscious I think because the usual trail is more secluded and this path was right next to a busy neighborhood road. I ended up with a great time though of 27:04:22 (real stop watch time with the seconds).

I've already nicknamed it Stella
My parents finally bought me a car!! After living 2 hours away at college without a car, they decided it was the right time to get me a car considering I will be graduating this May and no more pick me ups from them! They actually got a really good deal because it was my cousin's car from Montana. It's a 2000 Saturn LS2 bought for $1800, so it was definitely worth it!!! I can't wait to be able to drive myself to and from home to school and then all around my college town! I owe my roommates rides for all the times they've carted me around, lol! THIS MADE MY DAY!!! I can now say that for the first time in 3 years I will be taking myself back to school in MY OWN CAR(ok, well it's in my mom's name, but still EXCITING!)

Yummy banana chips pre-dehydrating
Now onto the bananas part of the title! I was trying to come up with some quick snacks that I could grab on the go when classes start and saw banana chips at Wal-Mart. Well me being the cheap and broke college student, I wasn't going to pay $8-$10 for a medium sized container! Then I remembered that my dad owns a dehydrator and thought I could save myself some money by making my them. All I really had to do was cut the banana and put them on the machine's trays before plugging it in! They will dehydrate for 12-16 hours and then be ready to eat. I snuck a few after about 4 hours and it tasted just like warm banana bread! Can't wait until they're ready to chow down on!!!

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend! Enjoy the time spent with family, friends, and food...I know I will!

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  1. Congratulations on the car, and good job on sticking with your run!! :)