Monday, September 20, 2010

Bad Case of the Mondays...Not SOOO Much!!!!

Usually I have a pretty bad case of the Mondays every week, but today was actually quite swell! I went to bed nice and early yesterday and was ready to go today! My 8am class was canceled today so I got to sleep in an EXTRA 30 mins! I was still up at 7am, but I was ready for action!
Gotta love the fall color!
Yay I made it!
I went for my run today down at the trail! It was a solo run because my running buddy had a group meeting, so it was a little challenging to keep at it. Today I decided that I would run just shy of 2 miles and I did just that! The weather was just right, not too hot, but not too cold, though I got very warm in my hooded sweatshirt plus it felt heavier compared to my Under Armour shirts! My total time, though I was dragging was 24:40:21.

Tower hidden behind trees
On to the more exciting part of the night!! I went back out to Hoffman Hills with my roommate and a friend!! Remember my failed attempt Failed Hoffman Hills Adventure back in August! Tonight was the perfect night! The mosquitoes were barely there, though I did have to swat a few, and the trail was somewhat short! Come to find out on the way back to the car we had taken the most difficult path by seeing the post with the sign warning us laying next to the trail in the brush! The trail was pretty hilly, but what do you expect with a name of Hoffman Hills?! Well lets just say that all my training had not prepared me, especially since my usual trail is all flat! I was wiped after the last hill and sweating bullets, but I couldn't resist going up on the 60 ft observation tower! IT WAS AMAZING!! You could see for miles around the rural recreation area! With the splash of the trees that had been turning fallish, it was so spectacular! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I'm looking forward to going back up there when most of the trees have turned! It would also be gorgeous in the winter with all the white!! OKAY enough gushing! This excursion took us about 40 mins total, so I figured that my slacking during running was made up for!
View from tower...AMAZING!
Another AMAZING view!

My next run is scheduled for Wednesday, this time with my running buddy!

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  1. So much more fun to run with a friend. I just stumbled on your blog and love it. Give me some time to spend reading your past posts, but I love what I see so far!