Monday, September 6, 2010

Ah Labor Day Weekend with some, fun!

<3 My feet will love me <3
My own stopwatch!
So as I was saying I got a chance to get to the sporting goods store. Well Kohls first for the running shoes and sports bra, then onto Scheels for some an Under Armour long sleeve shirt, a pair of Champion capris and some running underwear. I've been battling the dreaded wedgie while training, so I figured I should solve the problem. The pair was super comfy because it didn't even feel like I was wearing anything! I'll definitely be buying some more! I bought my first pair of "real" running shoes!!! I bought a pair of Asics Gel Kanbarra. They were on sale for $49.99, so I thought that was a pretty good investment. I stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up my own stopwatch for only $9! With all my purchases I should be well equipped to keep up with my training! I know what I will be asking for for Christmas(gift cards to sporting goods stores)!

No more wedgie!
For my workout tonight...let's just say I sort of slacked! The usual distance I would have run is 2 miles, but I slacked and only went about 1.2! Time was 17:38:22. I know its bad, but the chili from dinner (again) was weighing me down making me not want to do ANYTHING! I knew I hadn't completed the training session as I should have and I feel guilty though it is the holiday weekend! Excuses, excuses! I'll get back on track Tuesday since I will be back at school and on the usual trail with my running buddy.
Love these shirts

Other than getting some new running goodies my weekend has been pretty chill! I'm loving this R&R right before the chaos called college starts! I have to keep reminding myself that I need to make time to train no matter how busy my schedule gets! I'm dedicated to this goal and I will accomplish this!

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  1. I love all your running goodies!! :D It's always fun to get new gear! :D