Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 2 and lovin' it!

Ugh, way too late!
Week 2 of training officially started today! After celebrating my roommate's 22nd birthday last night and not getting home until 1:27am (when I have up at 6am for work), then having to work in the hotness all day, let's just say that I was officially pooped! I really didn't feel like training today in more heat, but decided I needed to stick with it :)

The schedule on the C25K program outlines a quick 5 minute brisk walk, then moves into the interval sequences of jogging 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes. It doesn't feel much different than what week 1, but I can definitely tell that the jogging is getting easier.

Blazing sun, no shade
Working hard...mattress sledding down the stairs! 

One of the biggest obstacles in the way of training has been the weather the past few days (high of 80s and low 90s with blazing sun and humidity on top of it), it can really drain you! Plus both Rebecca and I work in hot residence halls for 8 hours a day that have no air flow, so that takes a lot out of us as well! Don't worry we don't work too hard, lol! Though the weather was has been kind of a downer, the training continued!

Sweatyness after Monday's walk
I went on a short 30 minute walk on Monday, but the minute I stepped out the door the sweat started pouring! I literally could have wrung my shirt out and could have filled a water bottle! It was miserable! I can't wait until the crisp Fall weather to come so that its actually possible to enjoy being outside.
Ahh, the water was so refreshing on Tuesday

Most of our training has been taking place on the trail where my running partner and I have been interval training up to the 1 mile marker then coming back. The official time of our training from start to finish for 2 miles was 32:23. Add another mile onto that and jogging all the way, then we're set for the 5k! Haha baby steps now, pay off in a few months! I'm looking forward to the day I can run a full 3.1 miles!

 The next two days of training are going to be a solo endeavor since my running partner is working her other job! Hopefully the weather will cooperate too and cool off so I can get some decent training in :)

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